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Women's Health and Pelvic Health 

Here at Darling Physical Therapy & Wellness our pelvic health specialized therapists treat you AND your body in order to get the best results!  

We work in conjunction with your doctor, OB/GYN, personal trainer/coach, midwife or doula so we are all on the same page with safe, efficient, and optimized results. 

Pelvic health doesn't only have to do with women and/or giving birth!

We work with anyone and everyone who may be recovering from gender affirming surgeries, have genital pain, experiences pain with intercourse, incontinence, other pelvic floor dysfunctions & more! 

Here at DPT we love to work with expectant and established mother's.

 We address the aches, pains, and everything in between as your body changes and your baby grows. From first stages of pregnancy, to birthing prep and birth recovery, we are here for the entire journey so you can focus on you and your little one!


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Bridge Pose

Common Issues: 

Labor & Delivery Recovery

Diastasis Recti


Post Mastectomy

Breast Construction

Gender Affirming Surgery Recovery

Post Hysterectomy

Postpartum Return to Exercise

Prepartum Exercise

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Episiotomy Recovery


Cesarean Section Recovery

SI Joint Dysfunction

Pubic Symphysis Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Pelvic Pain

Pubic Symphysis Pain


Painful Intercourse


Pregnancy Related Plantar Fasciitis


Bridge Pose

 I had pelvic/hip pain and leaking - especially with coughing, laughing, sneezing, intercourse and exercise. After working with Jaime and her team only a few times, I now have no pain and rarely have any other issues!

- Hanna, Eugene

After my 2nd child, I had fairly constant leaking with pretty much anything strenuous such as jumping and running- even with laughing and coughing it was enough to have to change my clothes! Working with Dr. Darling for only a few visits I started to get my life back. No more maxi pad stashes, extra clothing shoved in my diaper bag, or scouting out for bathrooms everywhere I go!


 I won't lie, this was very new and uncomfortable but Jaime and her team were incredibly professional and welcoming- Not once did I feel silly or embarrassed. 

- Ashley, Springfield

Exercising with Baby
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