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Physical Therapist

Post Operative Services  

At Darling PT, we offer specialized recovery from all general and sports orthopedic surgeries & procedures, post-mastectomy/breast reconstruction, gender affirming surgeries, joint replacements, and corrective spinal procedures. 

Dr. Darling and her team have extensive experience working in orthopedic rehabilitation centers, hospitals, state-of-the-art professional sports facilities, power & olympic lifting facilities, outpatient clinics, killed nursing facilities, and neurological injury rehab centers. We have strength and conditioning specialists, a therapy pool, state of the art equipment and more to ensure safe and effective recovery no matter what your needs are.

Did you know!

PT is not for just AFTER surgery!

Whether it's from an unexpected injury or a pre-planned surgery, reach out and let us help get you started on some safe pre-habilitation therapies so you can recover faster and stronger. 


Don't forget to ask us about our therapy pool & aquatics rehab!

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