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"I can kayak and fly fish again for the first time in 3 years due to chronic shoulder pain from an old injury. Dr. Darling took the time to listen to what I had to say each and every visit.  From the first time I spoke with her, I could tell she knew her stuff.  She even met me out on Dexter Lake to make sure I was able to handle every aspect of kayaking, not just rowing... It is obvious that Dr. Darling and her team truly care and work hard. I recommend her to all of my family and friends." -  John (Springfield, OR) 

"In February of 2019, I was referred to Dr. Darling for stubborn plantar fasciitis. First of all I am rough on my feet and legs all day, everyday as I live on a farm and am a teacher and a mom. Jaime took one look and said she was up for the challenge! 
Omg, who in their right mind would want to dig on a big girl's foot.  But, she went to work and with in 6 weeks
I was pain free and have been since.
Not only does Dr. D know her craft, she has a God given talent and touch. She has a bedside manner that is very rarely seen today. She is kind, personable and super knowledgeable."

- Rebecca (South Hills, VA)

 "Knowing that I was walking into a facility that lovingly welcomes those of us  in the  LGBTQ+ community made all the difference." 

"You can't beat this level of care!
If she can't fix you, she will do everything she can to help you find someone who can."

- James (Eugene, OR)

"I worked closely with Jaime for over a year and a half as she helped to treat a complicated set of  shoulder issues. She was the one who finally diagnosed me with frozen shoulder and Jaime was my lifeline! She used her extensive experience to help treat the physical problems and she was just so kind and supportive all the way through. She is technically skilled and is a great listener, something that isn't always present in the medical world. I really appreciate that she has supported me in trusting my intuition and personal experience with pain and healing -- everybody is so different!

She has always shown the highest degree of professionalism and positivity in my time working with her -- I recommend Jaime to all my friends who need a great physical therapist." 

- Robin (Eugene, OR)

"What we love the most about Darling Physical Therapy is their passion for what they do. You can tell from the moment you start talking to Jaime and her team, that they really care about their patients.

We have lived in this area for over 8 years now and the value of treatment at DPT goes unmatched." 

-Sarah & Madolyn  (Eugene, OR)

-- Blake (Eugene, OR)

" Dr. Darling and her team helped me advocate for myself postpartum when I was told I didn't need physical therapy.
All of my pain during sex has resolved, I have completely stop leaking with exercising, coughing and laughing, and I am back to being myself! She even came to my home when I expressed my uneasiness with traveling with my newborn during this crazy time in the world. Now I can focus on being at the Mommy I want to be for my sweet little girl!"

- Norah  (Springfield, OR)

 "I did not want to go to another run of the mill therapy clinic to be juggled with several other patients and passed between multiple different therapists and technicians. My physician referred me to Darling Physical Therapy where I was treated like I was the only thing that mattered in that room every single visit. I cannot get over how much time and money I have spent at other places simply because they took my insurance. Never again.

- Matt  (Thurston, OR)

"I had diastasis recti after my twins and I didn't want surgery so my doctor sent me to Darling PT to see if they could help- even though my girls are 4 years old!

I am still working on it, but I cannot believe the difference in the way my stomach looks & feels, my confidence, and the improvements in my workouts since working with them!


P.S. I am loving the added bonus of no more leaking with jumping rope! 

- Ann  (Eugene, OR)

"I almost lost my scholarship to Juilliard in NYC due to persistent weakness, numbness, and tingling in my hands. 
I was home for the semester when I was referred to PT to see what I could do. 

I genuinely don't know where I would be without the dedicated, creative, and hard working team at DPT. "

- Sebastian  (Hawai'i/New York, NY)

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